What You Need to Know about End of Daylight Savings Time

Majority of Americans and other countries have to set their clock an hour back on November 4th. This is because daylight savings time comes to a close. This means that you have to lose one hour of daylight. This is a long tradition meant to conserve energy that was started by Benjamin Franklin. There has been a petition to stop the clock changing trend. Keep reading to know everything about the end of daylight savings time.

The changing of time moves spring forward and fall backward. The spring forward is most overwhelming because one has to lose one hour of sleep. This is not good considering most people don't even get enough sleep. The changes in the clock can have an impact on your health and well being. Less than 40 percent of the countries observe End Daylight Saving Time. The idea of daylight saving time was used during World War I with the thinking that it will help save on energy. However, nowadays the evidence of saving energy is minimal. This is because brighter evenings may save on electric lighting which has become inefficient. Lighting is responsible for a small amount of total energy consumption compared to a few decades ago.

Additionally, cooling and heating are what matter more nowadays. There are places where there is a need for air conditioning for long. This means that there is no saving of energy and daylight saving time from this website could have the opposite effect increasing residential energy use. The petition to end daylight savings time is because the before and after comparisons are tricky with effect to energy consumption. Daylight savings time has led to increased risks of getting heart attacks after the spring forward of switching to daylight saving time. It brings about unwanted side effects. The disadvantages are many compared to the benefits bring the petition to end daylight saving time.

Also, it has disrupted the sleep patterns, and kids are not able to concentrate in school primarily in the first weeks. It has led to reduced work productivity in the workplace and also increases in depression. The changes of time during spring have led to an increase in accidents and crime rates. There needs to be an end of daylight saving time for the safety and health of the people. The petition works by a friend telling a friend. End of daylight saving time means that throughout the year there will be summer sunset. Health complications caused by the change of clock will not be there. You might want to check this website at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daylight_saving_time_in_the_United_States for more details about daylight saving.